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QUESTION.... When I send the TDS/SPQ via ziplogic to be filled out by a client, they do it online.  When it comes back to me and I open it, I CAN CLICK ON BOXES AND FILL IN THEIR FORM, OR I CAN REMOVE X. Should it be able to be changed once the client fills it in, and it is returned to me or a buyer?

ANSWER.....The document he is using was tampered with; hence you were able to remove checkboxes.  You can actually go in to the signature panel and see what was changed as well.

They are working on a feature to lock them so they can't be tampered with in that way for a future release.

Here are instructions on how you can check when a document has been tampered:

Whenever the signed PDF is opened within a PDF reader like Adobe Reader, the software actually checks if what you are currently looking at matches the snapshot(s) stored in the PDF itself.

If it matches what was signed, you’ll see the GREEN CHECKMARK:

Zip Form 6 - 2

If changes have been made after the last signature was applied, you will likely SEE THIS HEADER instead:

Zip Form 6 - 3

This header indicates that the document has been tampered with. Now, this tampering may have been desired or OK, depending on the scenario, but it should serve as a warning that the document you are looking at now is different than the one that was signed.

Another way to figure this out is through the Signature History that we embed into the document. This is a way to access the snapshot of the document that was taken by each signature.

To do this, simply RIGHT-CLICK on the LAST SIGNATURE on the document (or to be more accurate, click on the last signature in the signature panel) and then RIGHT-CLICK on the SELECTED SIGNATURE and choose View Signed Version.  This will bring up the snapshot and allow you to compare against the document you are currently looking at. This can also be used to re-assure folks who may be concerned that a document read a certain way or featured certain times when they signed it.

Here's an example with the signer disclosure you sent me, we unchecked the range and saved the document, as if I was trying to pass it off as the real one. You open the document and see the yellow exclamation point, which tells you this has been changed from when it was signed.

Zip Form 6 - 4

Now you want to show that this is not what the document looked like when it was finished signing. So, you open the signature panel and click on the last signature above the yellow exclamation point. This scrolls the document to that signature/initial, which is outlined.

Zip Form 6 - 5

You then RIGHT-CLICK on the initial, to bring up the context menu:

Zip Form 6 - 6

And then CHOOSE View Signed version, which opens the snapshot version of the document at the moment it was initialed (in this case). Scrolling to the Range checkbox, you can see that it was checked in the signed version and therefore something is amiss.

Zip Form 6 - 7

I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any questions.

Amy A. Ulloa

zipForm Product Coordinator

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